Ketchup and French fry Free Crochet pattern with video tutorial


Happy New year!!!! 
I hope you are starting the year fresh, with your water bottles and journals full of new ideas (or completely blank)
I'm extremely grateful for all the new followers and people that support me throughout the year, buying my patterns and plushies. I cannot thank you enough!

Let's get back to business, shall we? Would you like a brand new crochet pattern?
I've got the pattern for you!

It's the perfect pattern for Valentine's day, we don't need a romantic heart with little bears, we just need Ketchup and Fries. 

I made a Youtube video for the ketchup part, is it perfect? Of course not! ha ha ha. I don't like the sound of my voice but it's what it is. Play your favorite music and follow the subtitles. I'm trying to step out of my comfort zone, making videos and reels. I think is a really cute pattern tho.

If you want to share with me your creations (using my patterns) you can tag me on Instagram and Tiktok with @amigurumifood.

I hope you are having a  wonderful week.





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