Christmas foodies 3!!

Hello there!! The holiday season is finally here, what happened with the year? It looks like it just flew by. 
I'm ready to hang the stockings, roast marshmallows and eat my favorite Instant Ramen by the open fire... Instant Ramen? Yes, of course!
This pattern is inspired by the endless pandemic! We end up cooking and trying the most peculiar combination to feed our hungry tummies: Like that Spicy instant ramen, we don't know what it has inside but it's worth to try, the Fast food burrito, always a way to go that you will definitely regret in the future. Some other characters like: the overpriced Christmas jar with different layers of deliciousness and the Classic cheese puffs on those movie nights! 
Christmas Foodies 3 is available right now in my Etsy shop. Yay!
I hope you like it and you keep sharing with me the creations that you made, adding the tag 
@amigurumifood on Instagram or duet me on Tiktok @amigurumifood.

Happy November to all! 








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