Yummy Halloween Crochet Pattern in my Etsy shop!

 Hi friends! I hope everybody is doing well with this hot weather that it's hitting us hard, who is ready for Fall? I'm soo ready for the Pumpkin weather, aren't you? Talking about falling leaves and cold weather... I'm soo excited to present you a NEW pattern! Yummy Halloween: Don't tell me that it's not Halloween yet because I've seen plenty of Christmas in July posts and not enough spooky things around here! 
This is a brand new version inspired in my old Halloween burgers. I added new characters to the gang, Like Halloween Cocktail and Dango!
You can head over to my Etsy shop and find this and other patterns! 
I'm planning to keep updating old patterns, specially the free patterns in the blog. Crochet is a wonderful distraction from the daily routine, it's relaxing and at the same time I can express myself freely. If you are reading this and you are a beginner, I will tell you, keep on going, don't give up and have fun!
Happy Monday to all and keep crocheting!


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