Update 2021 Instagram and Tik tok too?

 Hi everybody! It's nice to be back in my blog, I hope everybody is staying healthy and safe in these crazy times that we are living. I have some updates on some of my classic patterns. Thank you again for the continue support of my dream.

The Chicken burger and Friends is now the Fast Food Party with Brand new characters, like Pig and Cow burger! 

We have the Carnival Party too with a delicious Rainbow Hot dog and this week I presented the New Pizza Party pattern. 

You can find all of this patterns as a bundle or individual combos in my Etsy shop www.etsy.com/shop/amigurumifood. 

If you bought these patterns before you can send me a email to amigurumifood@gmail.com with your order and I will send the updated pattern free of charge! 

And... you can find me in Instagram @amigurumifood and in Tiktok @amigurumifood.




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