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Hi everybody!

I'm here again, 9:00 PM at night trying to find the best words to describe my life with a 4 year old and a 2 month old baby. If I take too much time to write I'm gonna lose some good quality time of sleep, because you know... your youngest is waking up like 4 or 5 times at night to breastfeed or just to smile at you, or to look at the ceiling fan. #motherhood
My little one is a beginner on the journey of teething, he's starting to give some signs of it but it's still early to tell. I wanted to make something fun and cute to celebrate his 2 months, I found a great set of Maple rings online and I thought it would be a great idea to use them!
I'm so excited to show you a tiny little project that I made in one afternoon (of a wonderful 2 hours nap).
It's a teething ring with natural Maple wood (that you can find in any craft store or online, I found mine on Ebay) and yarn (cotton/acrylic yarn from Hobium).
It's a pretty simple and quick project that you can make for your own baby or give as a baby shower gift.

If you want to, you can share with me your own creations using my patterns and remember to tag me @amigurumifood on Instagram!!

I hope you are having a wonderful week!

Let's get to work!


  1. Es un mordedor precioso, me encanta la idea. Igual me animo para una amiga que espera un bebé, jiji

  2. I worry about my granddaughter putting the fiberfill in her mouth. What do you use for safe stuffing for a baby?


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