Jelly Halloween-Free Pattern! Collaboration with Jelly Yarns

Hi everybody!! I've got a beautiful set of vinyl yarns yesterday from @Jellyyarns. I couldn't resist so I had to try them out, Halloween is's the perfect excuse to get started!

"I developed Jelly Yarn® as an alternative fun yarn to be waterproof and durable for kids and adults. Jelly Yarn® is not gimp or flat lanyard but is a thin round vinyl plastic with a slick glossy surface. The yarn is easy to crochet or knit because it doesn’t split like fiber yarn. I recommend using metal hooks or needles. If your tension is tight, apply a little hand lotion to the hook or needle and along the stitches to help the yarn glide. 

Because Jelly Yarn® is a colorful yarn, I named the colors after fun candies and Ices like: Orange Sherbet, Black Licorice and Hot Pink Candy. Jelly Yarn® is available in 16 yummy colors Glow-in-the-dark, neon/translucent (black light reactive), and opaque in 3 weights: Super Fine, Fine and Bulky. Jelly Yarn® is easy to crochet, knit or do other crafting including amigurumi, purses, belts, handbags, bracelets, market bags, beach bags, jewelry, toys, and accessories, etc. "  Kathleen Greco.

Ravelry: bluesmoothie
Instagram: @JellyYarns

I'm excited to share with you this Collaboration pattern with Jelly Yarns. 


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