Halloween Fun!! Free Crochet Pattern now Ready to Print!

Halloween is just around the corner!! I'm so excited! Are you ready for some Trick or Treat fun?
Here is an updated for a classic, Now ready to Print! Just save the Image and you can print it! Easy peasy!! Remember Only personal Use!

Tip: On the Bat-Bear's pattern, the position of the Arms/feet should be aligned with the eyes. On the pattern there's no specific position because it depends on where the eyes will be placed (between round 7 and 8)


  1. Yeah cause Halloween is soon close! 😂 😂 😂 Anyways, you are so talented! I can barely crochet a mini scarf!

  2. Dear Anneris,
    Thanks a million for those cute patterns. The instructions were easy to follow and I had a great time crochetting.


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