Sushi Amigurumi food

7:35 AM

Sushi Amigurumi!
A nice family of sushi and a teapot ready to serve in the side!
What do you think?
Happy monday!!

Les presento una nueva sesión de fotos de los amigurumis de sushi.
En este caso con sus respectivos palitos y tetera lista para servir y complacer paladares!

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7 comentarios

  1. Qué bonita la primera foto! El juego de té es muy coqueto. Ayy, cómo me gustaría tener una terracita como la tuya, aunque fuese chiquitita.

  2. I like them very much because they are so cute and their faces are really lovely. I especially like the second from the left. Nice arrangement <3

  3. Me gusta mucho tu nueva portada.

  4. Ohhhh I want all of your patterns! ! Where can I find these ones! Love the fortune cookie!!

    1. Hi Jessica, glad you like them. You can find a similar pattern in my Etsy shop. I have 2 patterns available with Sushi items!! They're extremely cute!!