Amigurumi Manzana, Purple plum y Mandarina Free Pattern!

Free Pattern!!!!!
Apple,purple plum and tangerine!!
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This is an original
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Hola a todos! Les presento mis amigurumis de Manzana, Mandarina y Ciruela! un patrón muy sencillo que puede derivar en muchísimas variaciones!
Espero que les guste!





  1. I like your pattern but unfortunately couldn't see the english subtitles. Youtube lets me select Spanish (and portugese) but not English.

  2. I love this pattern, I just posted it at

    We have over 8,000 free patterns posted and are adding more every day. Please stop by and see your pattern in the recently added section


  3. Me encantan tus amigurumis frutas!!! Te han quedado fenomenal!!! Acabo de descubrir tu blog a través del nuevo reto de Jazmín y te sigo!! Besote

  4. Hi ! I'm teaching my little cousins how to crochet, and for their first amigurumi, I choose this pattern (easy enough I think), which is super cute ! So thanks for the explanations ^^

  5. Thank you so much for all your super cute crochet patterns!!!! :>

  6. Thank you for your super cute crochet patterns!!! :)


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